Notice Media has been delivering high quality, targeted traffic from and trusted partners since 2004. Our FCA-authorised comparisons deliver engaged, informed customers to providers of UK financial products – both personal and business.

We operate, an award-winning financial comparison website that we launched in 2004. We help over 6 million visitors a year to make informed decisions when choosing personal and business financial products and services.


We partner with high-quality website publishers to help them monetise and engage their traffic. We offer a range of financial comparison tools and quality content that can be integrated into partner websites to enhance user experience and maximise revenues.

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Simple, Clear Comparisons

We provide our users with a suite of practical comparison tools and informative guides to help them find the right products to suit their needs and budgets.

Quick and Hassle-Free

Our site enables users to tailor searches according to what is important to them and we don’t hide our comparison tools behind annoying forms – just visit, compare, choose and go.

Independent, Reliable and Transparent

We provide impartial, accurate and up-to-date information so that our users can make confident decisions when comparing and choosing.

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what our users say about us

“Know Your Money helped to provide me with product comparisons when I was deciding on a credit card to rebuild my credit rating. They were straight talking and to the point, I had no idea what I was doing so it really helped to have them lay it out so easily for me. I will definitely keep them in the front of my mind for future financial decisions.”

Trustpilot 5 stars
Nikita Allan Trust Pilot review, February 2017

“Used this site to search for a good mortgage deal. Was easy to use. Offered a range of options without overwhelming me.”

Review Centre 5 stars
Adrian Tierney Review Centre review, February 2016

“KnowYourMoney provides great assistance in comparisons, making things like selecting insurance, credit cards and loans simple.”

Trustpilot 5 stars
James Douglas Trust Pilot review, February 2017

“This website is great if you want to save money, from mortgages to car insurance (who doesn’t!)
It’s easy to navigate and straight forward, it doesn’t take ages to fill out like some sites can.
Honest, reliable and straight forward. Well worth a try.”

Review Centre 5 stars
clairesen Review Centre review, April 2015

“After working on my credit score and savings for over a year I wanted to build my credit the right way and Know Your Money has helped me tremendously. I have been able to compare different credit cards and loans and get honest reviews for each. It is a great resources for someone looking to be wise with their money.”

Trustpilot 5 stars
Shaneece Bogues-Hill Trust Pilot review, December 2016

“[] is a great source of information when looking to take out a new finance product or get some advice. I would recommend to all my friends and family.”

Review Centre 5 stars
Fabian82 Review Centre review, February 2016


Fully FCA-Authorised

Compliant and impartial financial promotions with a robust and visible customer journey.

Value-Based Comparisons

List your products within comparison tools that recognise the product value not just price.

Quality Traffic

Focused, search-based traffic that’s engaged and informed, delivering scalable, reliable volumes and strong conversions.

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What our clients say about us

“We’re absolutely delighted with the service that the team at Notice Media provide for Green Flag. Their attention to detail and desire to understand our strategy mixed with their expertise within the generic breakdown space has proved to be the perfect recipe to drive quality quotes, valuable sales and increased revenue for our brand. The team are friendly, professional and down to earth and this year we’re looking forward to beating the record numbers they generated for Green Flag in 2016.”

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Anthony Gray Affiliate Marketing Manager, Green Flag

“Notice Media have always approached the relationship with Maxus in a collaborative and highly engaged manner, allowing us to develop aligned strategies, driving great results for the clients we work with. They have been present on our media plans for key financial clients for a number of years and have always delivered consistent results, coupled with a willingness to dig into the outcome of the campaigns in order to help to optimise their proposition for future opportunities. The willingness to build relationships and develop strong lines of communication makes KYM an easy and productive partner to work with.”

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David Sandford Performance Account Manager (Barclays Programme), Maxus

“We have formed a close working relationship with Knowyourmoney that ensures all parties benefit. The launch of Knowyourmoney’s new website highlights their constant drive to work to improve what they do and ensure they can provide the best service for their clients. This initiative shows through on the work that we do with them as they are easy to work with and always happy to provide insight and analysis when asked, making our jobs easier and allowing us to deliver the best level of service to our clients.”

Nason Ezhilchelvan Acquisition Executive, Performics

“We’ve enjoyed working with the team at Notice Media for a number of years and find them helpful, easy to deal with and the type of organisation that is keen to grow with us as a strategic partner. Their quality of traffic is consistently strong and working with Notice Media gives us brand exposure to customers we may not always be able to reach through our direct marketing methods.”
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Joe Lytwyn Commercial Manager – Partnerships, Provident Financial

“The Notice Media / Know Your Money team are both highly professional and a pleasure to work with. They’re able to balance the interests of the end customer with the engagement and understanding required of their business partners, like Cashplus. They’re always keen to explore innovative approaches to the benefit of both customers and partners.”

Nick Biggam Commercial Director, Cashplus

“We have worked with Notice media on their Know Your Money platform for motor breakdown both with 2Gether Insurance and Emergency Assist. We have always found their team very approachable and responsive to requests, unlike some platforms they have always worked with us to support the longevity of the relationship. Notice Media always keep you apprised of developments and their aims as to meet your expectations. I would highly recommend them as a partner to work with.”

Gary Haime Managing Director, 2Gether Insurance Ltd


Maximise Revenues

Monetise your existing traffic with strong commercials across a range of financial channels to supplement and build on your existing revenue.

Engage Your Userbase

Provide additional functionality and tools to your existing customers with a range of implementations to suit your business and audience.

FCA-Authorised Content

We provide compliant, fully-authorised comparison tools and content allowing you to focus on your core user offering in confidence.

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